Charlotte is our newly appointed Cy-Gen postgraduate researcher. Awarded a competitive Doctoral Training Alliance scholarship for Social Policy, Charlotte joined the project in October 2017. Charlotte is supervised by Professor Helen Lomax and Dr Lisa Russell, at the University of Huddersfield. Charlotte’s project will focus on using participatory methodologies to assess children’s use of ‘non-academic’ digital platforms, such as social networks and entertainment websites, as places for personal and educational development.

Charlotte says:

‘Becoming a postgraduate researcher on CyGen is a fantastic opportunity. My own research project is certainly informed by the work of Helen and her team and I’m looking forward to contributing to the project over the next three years.’

Helen says:

‘Charlotte brings a wealth of experience of creative and participatory research with children to the project. Charlotte’s research experience and proposed PhD will add methodological value and enrich our work with young people in the UK, Denmark, Belgium and Greece.’ 

For updates about Charlotte’s research follow Charlotte Oliver