The English Multiplier Event, which took place in Northampton on the 6th of February 2018, was a great success. Presentations by international and local speakers were followed by academics and children involved in CyGen. Workshops delivered by the pupils with members of the CyGen team informed attendees about the methods being used in the project, and the ways that children in the UK have worked on the project. Later in the week, the Greek team visited Preston Hedges School and had a tour from the CyGen children, with introductions to teachers and other staff. While at the school, the Greek team had the chance and opportunity to share views on the different cultural aspects of the two countries (England-Greece). George also played a game of ‘Simon Says’ with the children which was received positively and the children enjoyed. The whole experience has left the team feeling welcomed and energized, ready to continue with the project.

George Tallaros, George Tsoukalas and Angeliki Anagnostopoulou

Greek CyGen team



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