The Danish team from VIA University College have been working hard to complete their design cycle during the spring and summer of 2018. The Team have been co-creating with children from a School in the East part of Jutland. School pupils have acted as peer researchers and designers during the cycle, sharing their ideas and experiences and working to design the Danish prototype of the educational package. The methods used included lego, playdough and drawing; these hands-on sessions were supported by researchers and staff and enabled the children to recreate representations of experiences relating to online behaviour, and to reflect on these together.

The Danish CyGen team recently reported their findings at the latest Transnational Partnership Meeting (TPM), hosted by our Greek colleagues, illustrating how useful these methods were in enabling children working with us on CyGen to share their views. As a team we also reflected on how challenging it can be for children to share their experiences of things online, and how important it is for us to respect their silence where they opt not to share these experiences within research.

A key element of feedback from the Danish design cycle has been the importance of including quizzes in the CyGen online tool, developing it further than a traditional learning portal. This, the children said, would enhance interest and engagement in its use.

Michal Pilgaard
Danish CyGen Team
Lecturer, VIA University College