The team met for our 4th project meeting to discuss our findings so far and how these are shaping the design and content of digital resources to support children’s digital literacy and online safety.

Teams presented key messages from children, parents and teachers about how they children go online. We noted some interesting differences between 9-10 year olds in the UK who tend to use their phones and other platforms to create and consume digital content and to talk to friends they know from school and Danish teens who told us how they are extending their digital social networks to include people they meet online.

Children’s ideas continue to shape the content of the digital resources with children’s ideas about how they manage online challenges being incorporated in to the digital resources we are co-producing with them. Quizzes, interactive activities and clear guidance for parents, children and teachers are the take-home message from Danish and UK children.

Prof. Helen Lomax
Professor of Childhood Studies
University of Huddersfield