The latest two-day international partner meeting for CyGen was hosted by the Greek team in Kalamata, which is in the Peloponnese region in the south of Greece. We were able to hear from all partners regarding their progress on the project, and to plan together for the coming months. We were joined via a weblink by our Belgium colleague in Ruben, who was able to update us on exciting changes to the CyGen webapp.

On the 2nd day, all members of the European team (England and Denmark), visited the 2nd Primary school of Kalamata where they were introduced to the school’s facilities. They received a warm welcome by the school’s teachers/Headmistress, as well as from representatives of various educational or Local Authorities.

Some presentations and a project meeting took place in the brand new (recently reconstructed) computer lab on the second floor of the school. CyGen was the focus of a news item on a local television (‘Mesogeios’) station later that night, which included interviews with our Headmistress, and some of the international CyGen team. As part of the visit we were immensely pleased to welcome supportive local dignitaries who showed their support of our project.

Giorgos Tsoukalas
Teacher of Information Technology
2nd Primary School of Kalamata

With thanks to the following colleagues who supported the visit:
Representatives from the Mayor’s Office, Consultant of Informatics, Head of Consultants for Nursery school of Peloponnese Directorate, General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce in Kalamata, the President of ‘Frontizo’ (a body of educators assisting pupils of lower financial background), the Headmistress of 2nd Primary school, and the PTA president for the 2nd Primary School of Kalamata.