In January 2019 the UK CyGen team returned to the UK project school: Preston Hedges. We spent the day with the CyGen children, testing the latest version of the webapp and getting their feedback. As a result, the project mascot, Bubbles, now features in the opening pages of the tool, welcoming users and giving them oversight of how it works, where to click and when. The children also took part in a lesson delivered using the teacher wrap around text that we developed as part of the project. We received some powerful VoxPops (short videos offering their opinions of the project and their part in it), that the children recorded themselves: we have some great budding reporters within the group!

After lunch, the children took up their roles as peer researchers again, helping us to construct a questionnaire for their grown-ups on the impact of the project and the design of the webapp. Working with the UK CyGen team they used an online survey tool to upload the questions that they had designed. The survey will be distributed during summer 2019 to help with our reporting for the project.

The UK CyGen team