Co-designed digital education package

This intellectual output (04) the digital education programme, guidance and educational resources was co-produced with children and teachers from the four partner schools. The programme enabled children to engage in a virtual learning environment, offering them ‘real-life’ scenarios in which to enact and explore the possibilities of the digital environment. In so doing, it enabled them to model and enact different behaviours within a walled digital space, exploring the social and emotional implications for them and those they encounter online.

  1. The programme was flexibly developed, making use of digital and other technologies in order to meet the specific challenges identified by young people and teachers. Evidence from O1 and O3 was used to produce a programme and resources that reflected the children’s understanding and best evidence of what supports healthy online behaviour.
  2. The programme was developed cyclically with children and teachers with input from parents participating in various stages of the design cycle (O2 and O3). The production methodology is based on “Agile Learning” which supports rapid prototyping, flexibility and collaboration.
  3. The programme included wrap around text and image based resources which will have been fully tested in the four partner countries to reflect the cultural, language and age requirements of each.